This is a list of books that have shaped my life. I plan to keep adding to the list, and share them here in no particular order, but with the ardor that comes from having met something exciting and wanting to tell someone about it.

Because I read or post a title doesn’t mean I love everything in the book, but that I have benefited substantially from the over-arching message. Reading with discernment is like eating fish, they say: chew it and spit out the bones.

Sophia House,
Strangers and Sojourners,

Island of the World,

A Father’s Tale, Michael O’Brien

A Severe Mercy,

Under the Mercy, Sheldon Van Auken

The Hawk and the Dove Trilogy, Penelope Wilcox

The Secret Life of Bees, Sue Monk Kidd

From East to West,

Recapture the Wonder,

Cries of the Heart, Ravi Zacharias

The God Who is There,

He is there and He is Not Silent,

Whatever Happened to the Human Race?

How Shall We Then Live? Francis Schaeffer

The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas, John Boyne

City of Joy, Dominique LaPierre

The Chronicles of Narnia, C.S. Lewis

The House at Pooh Corner, A.A. Milne

Shadow of the Almighty, Elisabeth Elliot   (anything written by Elisabeth Elliot)

Green Dolphin Street, 

The Dean’s Watch, Elisabeth Goudge

In This House of Brede, 

Five for Sorrow, Ten for Joy, 

An Episode of Sparrows,

The Didakoi,  Rummer Godden

Disappointment with God,

Soul Survivor,

Where is God When it Hurts?

What Good is God?  

Vanishing Grace, Philip Yancey

The Spirit of the Disciplines, Dallas Willard

Celebration of Discipline, Richard Foster

Mountain Breezes, (poetry) Amy Carmichael

Twilight Children, One Child, Tiger Child, and Somebody Else’s Kids, Torey Hayden

Strong Women, Soft Hearts, and Better than My Dreams, and Sex and the Soul of a Woman, Paula Rinehart

(Anything written by Paula Rinehart)

Girl Meets God, and Mudhouse Sabbath and Real Sex, Lauren Winner

Ten Fingers for God and Take my Hands, Dorothy Clarke Wilson

The Healing Path, Dan Allender

Blue Like Jazz and Searching for God Knows What and To Own a Dragon, and A Million Million in a Thousand Years, and Scary Close, Don Miller

The Soloist, Steve Lopez

The Lord of the Rings trilogy, J.R.R.Tolkien

Love and Respect, Emerson Eggerichs

The Beautiful Ache, Leigh McLeroy

A Grace Disguised, Jerry Sitser

The Shack, Wm. Paul Young

The Wounded Healer, Henri Nouwen

The Allure of Hope, and Beauty and the Bitch, Jan Meyer

Celibate Sex, Abbie Smith

Teach us to Want, Jan Pollock Michal

When Breath Becomes Air, Paul Kalanithi

Every Bitter Thing is Sweet, Sara Hagarty

8 thoughts on “Recommending

  1. Hi Anita,
    I’m tickled with these recommended reads! I just discovered one of the cheapest websites for buying books….. and they have free shipping on top of their low prices. There are many smiles in my voice 🙂 I’ve ordered a few and will wait to recommend the site until I get my books and see what they’re like. I’ve got a lot in my wishlist too for the time when my money tree starts yielding. 🙂

    Please keep adding books as you approve them. I’ll be back to see if there’s more.

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  3. I’ve got a $40 Barnes and Noble gift card burning a hole in my pocket. Since I don’t have access to my beloved Queens library anymore, I might actually have to start buying books again. 🙂 I copied your list and plan to make a couple selections based on your recommendation.

  4. How delightful to find someone who read Green Dolphin Street! I couldn’t believe at the end that I really liked Marianne. I simply couldn’t believe it. I had to reread the last chapter and sure enough, I liked that woman! So much that we named our youngest daughter Marianne.

  5. I just found this list again and was tickled to see the “print” button. Now a copy of your list will hang out in an inner pocket of my purse with my own list of books I wish to read. Thanks for sharing!- You’ve introduced me to many books, places, and other delightful finds!

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