09. Who’s Gonna Walk This Road with Me?

Last week I finally satisfied my curiosity and took several IQ tests online.

I’ve always wanted to do it, but I was scared that I’d be disappointed. Yet deep down, I hoped I would be pleasantly surprised.

Well, no nice surprise for me. The scores did not flatter my ego. But they explained why I find it so difficult to read maps and why I love words. In a way, the tests also comforted me. Now I know I’m not a genius, and so I don’t have to act as if I am one. I can relax and admit my restricted mental capacity.

The test did not keep me from admiring people more intelligent than myself. They’re quick with words, read voraciously, analyze concepts, and explain themselves with clarity.

But soon after the IQ test, I read I Corinthians 13 and saw that knowledge will one day pass away. When we no longer see through a dark glass, we’ll be face to face with a Person who is all love, and being perfect then, we will have rewarding, meaningful relationships with everyone in heaven. Intelligence quotient and genius won’t be an issue anymore, but love will always be part of our relationships.

We Need People
The love of friends is one of the biggest gifts God gives the single. Nowhere in the Bible can we find permission to live life on our own without the input and stimulation of fellow travelers on our journey. We don’t become Christians and then look for a desert island on which to spend the rest of our lives.

Part of the character of Christianity is the way that it acts as a magnet and draws people into community. We singles especially need the interaction of people from a wide spectrum of ages and occupations because it keeps us from becoming boring hermits.

Friends widen our world. They balance us with their different interests, and keep us from living in a rut. Friends keep each other accountable. They understand and refresh each others’ perspectives when one tends to go out on a limb. They cheer for each other, celebrate every ounce lost on a diet, and mourn when “your” man chooses someone else.

Friends remind each other of their value. Personal value is something single women are prone to forget. I recall my friends’ words when I feel worthless or rejected. I remember when Janet put her hands on my shoulders and declared, “No, Anita. That’s not true. You are valuable!” Or when Carolyn’s voice came over the phone: “That’s not God’s voice telling you that negative stuff, because

2 thoughts on “09. Who’s Gonna Walk This Road with Me?

  1. Oh, reading road maps? I’m dreadful at that. I’ve been known to turn one to this side or that, in hopes that it will make more sense.

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