02. Who Am I?

Who am I? Who am I?

Every thinking woman asks this plaintive question.

Your friends can say how much fun you are. Your school teacher can tell you what kind of academic abilities you have. Your doctor knows your allergies and how much you should weigh. Your banker could tell you how much money you have.

Too often, we accept these people’s definitions of who we are. When their definitions sound less than charming (and they will at some point), where will we go? Will we take their word for it and be convinced that we’re nothing special and will never be wonderful?

The One who made us has the most authority to declare who we are and how much we’re worth. Until we ask God who we are, and become certain of our deepest identity, we will always wander to others’ descriptions of us, or stand in front of the mirror to concoct our own self-image.

I find it significant that two of Satan’s recorded temptations of Christ focused on His identity: “If you are the Son of God…”

Jesus responded well to temptation because He knew who He was. He did not let Satan fool Him into doing anything to negate that identity. He helps us do the same when we ask Him. I remember being profoundly impacted by a young man’s prayer at a youth meeting: “Help us remember who we are…” God knows who we are, and He will help us remember because we are prone to forget.

Satan has no new tricks. He still whispers to your heart when you’re alone.

Just as in real life, most of the action and intrigue in The Lord of the Rings is the relentless clashing of two powers: one good and one evil. Satan matches Aragorn’s description of Saruman: “The wise he could persuade, and the smaller folk he could daunt.”

No matter who you are, you cannot escape his suggestions. Satan will try either to persuade you or daunt you.

“If you are young and slim…you will be happy.”
“If you are pretty and vivacious…some man will ask you to marry him.”
“If you are as intelligent as your sister…everyone will like you.”
“If you are God’s beloved, why are you so lonely?”

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