Someone else’s words might be more accurate than the ones I put on this About page, because I could put anything on here.

However, I (think I) live expansively and un-boringly. I live with wide open arms and wide-stretched horizons. I laugh a lot, and cry a lot, and dream big for my friends, and they remind me to not give up on mine.

I love words and people. That’s why I love stories. I think powerful stories can change the world.  I’ve written and self-published a book, am constantly reading, and am part of a book club.

I grew up in Virginia and lived in Ireland for fourteen years, my home until July 2010. Then I became an ESL teacher in Poland for 5 yrs. I love a job where words are the currency of exchange.  I love, love, love Europe, and loved teaching English.

Now since July ’15, I’m in the sticks of northwestern PA. I’m a communications assistant for Faith Builders. I’m soaking up conversations and dabbling in paint and interacting with Christians and exploring what it means to live as God intended. It is most delicious, this working and thinking. What is not so nice is living with the tearing apart of heart strings that happened when I left another dream job and a place I loved.

Much of my life is a mystery, but I hang my heart on one thing: I peeked ahead and read the back of the book, and the story is going to end well. The adventure continues! I dream of writing another book and living in Greece and doing many other things. Meanwhile, I work hard to keep hopes and dreams alive, because they call me forward instead of staying stuck in the mud.

I’d like to hear your story too, if you care to tell it. You can contact me on Facebook or by email: anitayoder[at]gmail[dot]com

(The photo is of my first snowman in Poland. I was with friends, waiting for a train, and couldn’t resist the gentle call of the snow. I love his smile, and the memory is still one of the best of my life! That post is here )


15 thoughts on “About

  1. I treasure our friendship and the times and “epistles” we shared over the years! 🙂 I love you! Rosy Gingerich

  2. My dear Anita, surely you do have a talent to write! I have to start with reading your blog 🙂 I love you! Zuza Bętkowska

  3. Hi, Anita. Just wanted to say i stop by here sometimes and always enjoy reading your thoughts. You had a big impact on my life back in the good ole’ Ireland days. Someday (Heaven?) we’ll have to catch up 🙂

  4. Hi!!!! Anita I love your book. It brought me such joy, peace, contentment… Someday I want to meet you! May God bless you richly for your kindness in showing the rest of us how to LIVE!!

  5. It’s always fun to find bloggers I “know”. It’s been years since I had any contact with you but occasionally I see your “footprints on the earth”. Anita Yoder here or there. Now you’re in a place I love. We’ve spent some time at FB doing renovations and learned to love the community. Don’t know if you remember Noah Schwartz’s daughter Marie? From Farmville? 🙂

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