Good-bye Blues

My silent streams of tears yest. morn. at the airport surprised me, but were also comforting and healing. They gave witness to the fact that in 2 short weeks I had come to deeply love my fellow choir members, and feel safe with them, safe enough to sing and cry and laugh and be real. I miss them like crazy, but feel so peaceful and full of joy for the time we had together. They were hardly out of my mind all day, as they recorded and gave their last program.
My personal goal for the tour had been to listen and learn. And God helped that to happen…even though I did my share of talking.  I learned so much from my fellow travellers. As I heard their stories, and saw their hearts and priorities and responses to life, I was overwhelmed and staggered with the huge outpouring of grace, love, and beauty in their hearts. I live a charmed life in comparison to so much tragedy, loss, trauma, and heartbreak that they experienced.
I feel a fresh abandon to God’s design for my life, a new peace about relinquishing my puny dreams for His perfect plans. Something about singing powerful songs, following a Godly teacher/conductor, and fellowship with other Christians has changed my life again. Watch out for the new CD by the Emerald Chorale, conducted by Urie Sharp. Of course I’m biased, but it was an experience of a lifetime for all of us, and I’m priveleged beyond words.

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