The best stage of writing a book

The most fun of writing a book is right now: getting feedback. The other parts are not fun, but this is. I love getting emails and surprise letters in the post, from old and new friends. And so far their feedback is always super gracious and kind, and it makes me feel the sun on my back. Which is very nice after having spent 4 yrs wondering how this combination of words between 2 covers will connect with readers.

I’m honored to hear from readers, and their takes on various points of the book. Sometimes they re-tell it in better words than mine. I like to hear their own stories, their journeys of the heart. It heartens me to see again that we are ALL made of the same stuff, no matter our ages or experiences.

One letter said she doesn’t even know how I look, but she’ll share her heart with me anyhow. That kind of trust is a gift. And although I have always eschewed photos of myself on the internet, and still do, I’ll say here that in case anyone wonders how I look, the words cool, stylish, tall, and slender have never fit me. But my smile is big and real, and my (green/brown) eyes show everything I’m feeling. Unlike many young women of this day, I will probably never succumb to whitening my teeth nor the pain and time of plucking my eyebrows into a pencil-thin line. Even though that makes me un-cool and un-stylish, it doesn’t really seem to be an issue with my friends who seem to treat me like I’m ok anyhow. For which I’m immensely  grateful.

But back to writing a book. When people tell me they’d like to write a book, I always tell them what Elizabeth Elliot said about it: Don’t do it if you can get out of it. But having done it in obedience to God’s  clear instruction, I really am thankful for this stage of getting nice feedback. And maybe it’s better if not everyone knows how I look!

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