What I’m thinking about alot right now

Reading II Tim. 2 lately, it struck me that ‘teach’ is mentioned twice in the chapter. There is something about teaching, passing on instruction, that Paul valued and urged Timothy to engage in it. Then elsewhere there is specific instruction that older women should teach the younger. Because teaching is mentioned more than once, it deserves attention.

This is an issue to me for several reasons. My Amish/Mennonite background is very practical, very hands-on, very useful. This is wonderful for many reasons. But I think we are not doing so well at teaching life concepts and spiritual truths so that we can effectively keep on doing and working and being practical in fleshing out our deeper spiritual beliefs.

There is a reason that the Mormon young people meet at 5 every morning to study and be instructed. There is a reason that the Puritans (and others) learned the catechism. There is a reason we prioritize Christian education for children. There is more power in teaching/learning/studying than some of want to think, or than we have been accustomed to thinking.

What to do with that? I don’t know. I’m only a budding TEFL teacher. And a writer of one book. And preparing to teach a young women’s class at Calvary Bible School for 6 wks, starting in Feb.

But I think there is something powerful behind the instruction to teach others about the faith that is precious to us. I prob. tend to swing to the extreme of thinking that more knowledge is more power, that more information is better than less information, that studying and reading is better than playing or putting in time. I know that education is not the answer to the world’s ills. But I think a better-informed heart can make wiser life decisions. This is what I want for myself, and for those I love, and for those coming after me. I don’t know where it will take me, but I care very much about God’s people becoming better trained, better equipped to do His business.

2 thoughts on “What I’m thinking about alot right now

  1. Hi! I’m from Belize, CA and bought your book when I was at CBS beginning of the year. And I just want to Thank you for taking the time to write the book. It has encouraged me a lot!!!
    Love in Christ,

  2. Hi Anita! I’ve stopped by here a few times, and found your blog really interesting. You are very right, teaching is indescribably important, when there is even Christian actions without teaching then it feels more like hypocritical works if I don’t understand the principles behind it… and some things become just another thing to jot down on the “worthless traditions” page instead of holding true meaning.
    I also read your book and enjoyed it, so I feel a little like i know you. =) Can’t wait to actually meet you though, I’m looking forward to 3rd term at CBS – am hoping awfully bad I can get in on your class! Blessings to you as you prepare!

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