The new job

I had no idea that teaching would be so much work and be so fun. The hardest thing is coming up with enough material to fill 70 min. and still figure in an unpredictable amount of discussion time. Even harder than that is knowing all the resources I have at home on my bookshelves, several thousand miles away. That’s not all bad; it’s making me more desperate for the Source of all wisdom.

I’m helping with writing class, which is fun and jolly. I get to tell them all my pet hates in writing, and read my favorite pieces to them for inspiration. It’s a record-size class, and good potential for excellent talent to be developed. Exciting! Today I will give them a list of over-used religious words to avoid, such as: moving swiftly on, lead guide and direct, at the foot of the cross, in closing…all those things we hear a million times and tune out, so why say/write them?

The 18 young women in the Christian Womanhood class work hard and think hard and dream big, and I’m so proud of them. They’re made of good stuff, and they will make their worlds better. Today’s class will be on Jezebel and her controlling, manipulative ways. ouch. Very convicting.  And the lesson plan isn’t finished yet, so I am swiftly moving on…

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