Today’s Slice: The Storyteller

This evening I wept to read “The Storyteller” on today’s Slice of Infinity. It moved me deeply because I believe in the power of story–am overwhelmed with it really, because all my life I will be plumbing its depths–remember how other storytellers have influenced me, and tremble to think I can tell stories that influence others.

I loooove hearing from readers of my book. It happened yesterday again, (and I cried again. )I hear that there are some who don’t like my book, but that is second-hand information; no one has said it to my face. It is cowardly not to confront the author if you don’t like the author’s message–but I digress.

Back to sharing stories: it is in sharing my story that others honor me by sharing theirs. Then this interesting synergy takes place: we are both richer for having shared. Aren’t we richer for knowing and hearing the greatest Storyteller in the universe? I am going to spend my life and eternity sitting at His feet, listening to His stories.

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