New Book Possibilities

Having written one book has given me a sort of identity crisis. Who am I if I don’t write? Who am I if I DO write? An authority? A personality? A full-time student/researcher? I have only some answers to some questions.
What is an author? One who writes.
Does one book mean there are more to come? Not necessarily.
Does writing a book mean the author is an expert on the chosen subject? Maybe yes, likely no.

In case anyone wonders, this is the truth: just because someone writes one book does not mean they can or will write another one. I think that as Christians who are stewards of gifts that God gives, we should write when the fire burns inside, and not just to vent or air our opinions and experiences.

So, apart from blogs and personal correspondence, I don’t know if I’ll ever write again. It’s been almost 2 years since my book came out. It’s just now that I’m starting to begin to hope I can write another book sometime. It won’t be soon, and I’m no hurry. My friends flatter me with their suggestions for the next book but I don’t expect to fill any of these orders. Still, it’s fun to think about the possibilities.

How your siblings become your friends
Mennonite missions in 1st world countries
A book for young teen girls
Living Outside of Eden
A devotional book for women (to borrow a friend’s metaphor: I think we need another one of those like we need another Nobel Peace Prize)

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