More Credit Where Due

Several weeks ago, I posted the story of my sisters’ traumatic experience of being told at the the boarding gate that her airline ticket is invalid. I didn’t write the story to exploit my sisters, or to garner more sympathy for them. My purpose for the post was to alert Orbitz’s PR people that their customers were used wrongly and unfairly. My plan worked, and within 24 hrs, I got a comment from an Orbitz rep who wanted to see if she could help us.

The good news is that they’ve promised a refund for most of the ticket that they had said was invalid. Maybe Orbitz can be trusted after all.

And now, I’m off to fling things into suitcases for my flight tomorrow.

One thought on “More Credit Where Due

  1. Have a wonderful journey, Anita! Not only the flight (which I hope is without spot or wrinkle) but the rest of your journey as well. I’m wishing I would be one of your students…

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