What Must God Be Like?

He wouldn’t have to bother.
A friend commented this after telling how she was learning about God’s character of generosity in pursuing her soul and giving her salvation. And it is true: God bothers a lot about us, goes to amazing details for the well-being of our whole person: spirit, soul, and body.

My awe at the way He looks after the intangible parts of me–is it my spirit, or soul? I never know–was renewed recently when I listened to a talk by Jerry Root entitled “C.S.Lewis’ Approach to Art and Literature.” (The speech is found here, among many other excellent talks.) At first the speech is very academic, and I could only grasp parts of it. Toward the end, however, Root becomes more practical about observing and appreciating art, and then he quotes Lewis in his Letters to Malcom, Chiefly on Prayer:

Gratitude exclaims, very properly, “How good of God to give me this.” Adoration says, “What must be the quality of that being whose far-off and momentary coruscations* are like this! One’s mind runs back up from the sunbeam to the sun.”

Mr. Root then becomes poetic as he explains further how observing art and creativity around us can result in worship. “Something we might have missed at first makes its way into our consciousness. We could have lived on a dark planet. And been told that there would be one sunset. And we’d have lined every west coast of every continent and every island on the planet. And as we saw the glory of that event and tears came to our eyes, we’d have written about it in our journals and regaled our progeny with the glory of that event.

But what must God be like, that He has made our planet a perpetual kaleidoscope of sunrises and sunsets?! One star in a night sky should be enough to make any right-thinking mind and open heart fall in a state of wonder. But God is so liberal with His glory that He’s littered the heavens with stars and moons and galaxies and shooting stars!”

I live on a perpetual kaleidoscope. What must God be like? He wouldn’t have to bother. But I’m awfully glad He does!

*coruscation: a sudden flash of brightness

3 thoughts on “What Must God Be Like?

  1. This reminded me of my jail bible study class & in another post you asked for our happy stories… Remember a few weeks ago I emailed you for permission to use your book in my class? I had to copy since I didnt have and couldn’t take in books for all the ladies and knowing that most of these are no longer single or live with a “boyfriend” I took out almost all the parts to singles in the introduction and things that didnt seem to apply to the situation. Well one dear girl caught the 1 comment left to singles and was nearly in tears she was so happy to know that singleness is a gift from God! Near the end of the class one lady who hadn’t seemed to be paying much attention began to ask questions about God and Who He is (which was our subject for the evening). She was so glad and obviously hungry for more since she ask numerous times when I’m coming back to tell her more. Unfortunately I was sick and couldn’t go on my next turn, but isn’t it awesome how God works! It was the first class I’d taught and how could I have guessed what 4 ladies I’d never seen before would need to hear? I LOVE IT! Myra

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