Honey Drops

It’s been a lightening-swift week. And nearly every day, I got another story about drops of honey. Oh, it was lovely.

I asked for stories in my last post for several reasons, and one was because I hate the way bad news makes the headlines, but good stories are too dull, I guess, for the world to hear about. And I think that’s a dreadful thing, and something to counter-act.

I have two happy stories about the past week. On Thurs. evening I was one of eleven ladies at my house, gathered around the fire in the sitting room. We asked each other the very personal questions of favorite and least-favorite foods, and introduced each other to the group that way. Surprising, the strong feelings that a food discussion brings! Then we settled into the kitchen and watched two of us do cooking demonstrations: stuffed courgette, and stuffed peppers. Yum! Then of course there was tea and dessert around the fire. When I asked about their worst food disaster, it brought out lots of stories about food and guests and funny food stories. We laughed til we had tears, and it was a most lovely, relaxing, fun evening. Great big drops of honey!

On Sat. a van load of us were in the West, headed for the harbour village of Portmagee. We boarded a boat and 45 min. later stepped off on Skellig Michael. It was beyond words. We climbed nearly 700 steps to the top, stopping now and then to look and wonder at the sea, sun, and lack of wind. There were hundreds of puffin’s burrows, and I stooped to look into several and a colorful bill and beady eye met mine. The skipper told me on the way out that when you’re on the island, you’re without distractions and as close to heaven as you can get. I know now what he meant. I didn’t spend much time at the very tip-top of the rock because we needed to get down and meet the boat again, but also because it made me weak in the knees. The island was surprisingly green, and there were mounds and carpets of wild flowers clinging to the rocks. I wanted to spend the whole day there, but the boat was waiting after we explored for about 2 hours.

Last year, the best day of my year was when we went paragliding in Interlocken, Switzerland. This year, the best day was when we were way above the water, absorbing the vista of sea, birds, and sunshine.

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