What do you do for fun?

When I was writing my book, I let myself buy books in the name of research. When I was studying massage therapy, I allowed myself a massage now and then in the name of research. And of course I benefited from the good, necessary things that I might otherwise have called indulgences.

Now I am headed to Poland to teach English and with that package comes the necessity to study Polish, and I haven’t found anything indulgent about it. Unless it is to grab random moments to sit in the sun and review vocabulary. I am not like any of my three sisters who have had language hobbies for years, and happily sat in the living room with grammar books and recordings in various languages. I always said I was still trying to master English.

It’s a love-hate phenomenon, this language study. I expect that I’ll keep toeing this delicate dance for the next two years. I’m scared. And out of my depth. Happy for a change of career, and reveling in a challenge.

Taking on a challenge is something I do for fun.

7 thoughts on “What do you do for fun?

  1. Blessings on that challenge, Anita! I would encourage you with the thought that while speaking the language is sometimes frustrating and tiring, the moments of connection and communication with people make up for it. So, maybe the benefits of studying Polish don’t actually come until you can start using it to converse with people.

  2. Well, just for fun and a bit of a challenge, I adopted five children as a single mom. Well, two of them aren’t quite adopted yet but we’re getting there. (they are in my home, though) Sometimes I wonder if I should have stuck with learning a new language, and getting a massage…. Lol!

  3. Rachel, YOU are one of my heroines. I didn’t know you “hang out” here at Anita’s blog! πŸ™‚ Then again, we’re all “in the family”…

    • Hi cuz Linda,

      So you’re here, too!? Though my life is very different from most singles and I don’t get the quiet evenings with books and massages, I do enjoy reading this blog…

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