The Greatest Injustice

Ann talks about it here.

She says:

I had lived embittered at what I judged the injustices of this world but how I had missed that grace was the greatest injustice of all?

It is true–grace is not fair.

There is nothing more to say.

2 thoughts on “The Greatest Injustice

  1. I cried as I read what Ann wrote. Especially when I came to these words: “That our craving for Him is a way of experiencing Him. And in our hungering for God we are slowly healed by God.” Those were beautiful words to me. Through my hunger and restless ache I can somehow learn to know Him. He is with me in the middle the struggle, the seeming emptiness. I have so often pounded heaven asking Him to make everything okay, to make me feel good, but He keeps telling me (when I am quiet enough to hear) that He has bigger things in mind than that.

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