Insignificant and Unpraised Deeds

Mark Galli wrote another excellent article here that resonates with truth and convicted me because it addressed things that me and my generation don’t usually like to think much about: servanthood, hidenness, faithfulness.

My Hero washed His servants’ feet and served them breakfast on the beach. It was the shape of His life, to serve. My housemate and I have a neighbor who washes our feet by keeping our coal furnace going. (We call him our ‘fire-making wizard.’) Only two young women find out about his service, but it is still significant. I have not lost the wonder of walking into a warm house late at night.

Eowyn was a woman who was tired of being hidden, tired of the mundane, hungry for significance and making a difference. Her exchange with Aragorn moved me profoundly last week when I read it again, and I found myself wanting to agree with her, taking her side, knowing how she felt. But I can’t disagree with Aragorn’s wise, strong, solid words:

Deeds will not be less valiant because they are unpraised.

It is an insidious part of our humanity that wants praise and affirmation, grasps it as if it could sustain our life. But what if it is service that sustains us? Nurturing that nurtures us? Insignificance that gives us life? Because it mirrors the shape and character of our Life-Giver.

I know it’s true, because I know my Jesus, and I know His followers, and they teach me what I need to know.

2 thoughts on “Insignificant and Unpraised Deeds

  1. Thank-you so much Anita for a timely, encouraging reminder! Yes, we do want to be like Jesus…at least we think we do…but in practicality it is HARD, because our very nature runs counter!Let the beauty of Jesus be seen!

  2. Eowyn. She’s such a person. Such a woman. I think that, when I think I want significance, what I really want is valor. It’s when I confuse the two that I’m dissatisfied and unfulfilled. It’s like food, you know? I might crave chocolate cake, but an apple leaves me much more refreshed and nourished. In comparison, the cake seems too sweet and (almost) unappealing… after the apple is eaten. Thanks, Anita, for the call to be like Jesus, to let my significance rest in Him.

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