To Explain

I haven’t figured out exactly why, but there are no words coming to me. Hence, no blog posts appear. I’m not so desperate for hits that I’m going to talk about what I had for lunch or what size shoes I’m looking for. Maybe this is a season for introspection and observation. I’ve been doing some of that, and it’s been enlightening–esp. the introspection.

I still love words. I still watch what some other people are writing. I still love stories and want to learn what makes an exceptional one. (Recommendation: read “Something from Nothing” by Phoebe Gilman.) But right now I only have energy to live a good story and walk with others in their stories, without putting it all into words.

Hopefully someday the words will come back.

3 thoughts on “To Explain

  1. thanks for not telling us what size shoes you are shopping for. =)
    it does get old when people explain how many beans they ate for lunch. wears me out some.
    i do, however, enjoy your posts… thanks for sharing!!!

  2. Everything has its season. I look forward to when the words start flowing again, and they will! Right now I am watching the middle east with a swirling mix of hope and trepidation. Last night on BBC world news they interviewed a young man from Tunisia, who said he just wanted to get away to anywhere in Europe where there was freedom and democracy. It made me wonder why it is that our natural God given state is one of yearning for freedom, wanting a voice (democracy) yet we so often willingly choose bondage.

    Anyhow, take care, and write when you are inspired, I’ll be waiting!!

    Love from Barbara

  3. God bless your honest heart! Keep up your courage, dear mountain-climber… I fully expect to hear words shouted from the mountain-top again when you get there :)(Maybe in the form of another book?)
    Meanwhile, a good story ‘lived’ is worth more than a thousand stories ‘written’.
    “You do not realize now what I am doing, but later you will understand.”(John 13:7)

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