His Perpetual Kaleidoscope

For two consecutive nights, I watched the sun set in glory, in an alive pink that would be impossible to recapture on paper or canvas. Saturday night I saw it from a hill in Kaziemierz Dolny, a charming artsy town in Central Poland. The next night, we were driving home in the long dusk and watched the sunset from the car.

The spectacular, unrivaled brightness and color and drama reminded me of what Jerry Root said. I posted about it last year here.

“We could have lived on a dark planet. And been told that there would be one sunset. And we’d have lined every west coast of every continent and every island on the planet. And as we saw the glory of that event and tears came to our eyes, we’d have written about it in our journals and regaled our progeny with the glory of that event.

But what must God be like, that He has made our planet a perpetual kaleidoscope of sunrises and sunsets?!”

I imagine myself in a crowd lining a west coast and willing my memory to record every change of light and cloud, every blending and separating of colors as the golden fuschia sun, like a massive coin, dropped steadily toward the horizon. To have watched the sun set only one time would be to witness the most amazing phenomena ever.

What is God like, to give us a sunset every day?

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