What He Wants Most

What we want most to receive is what He wants most to give. –Michael Card

Underlying and over-arching all our motives and goals, all our dreams and ideas of success is what He wants most to give us: Himself.

We want fellowship and friendship and intimacy, fearing separation, walls, dissonance. The terror of loneliness can paralyze us, making us go to any extent to avoid feeling alone, making us vow to never feel so miserable again.

We were not designed to live on solitary islands, and so we know deep down that something is wrong with the world whenever we feel isolated, something is amiss when we don’t belong.

I have been in places where I thought


I am








another planet,






don’t have







The suffocation of separation has an answer: Himself. He blows into the channels of the day, lifting and caressing, reviving and reassuring us that we are never alone, and what we fear is never reality, because we can never escape His persistent presence. Never, never, never.

2 thoughts on “What He Wants Most

  1. I can’t find words.. but yes, oh yes… and just bless your dear heart.

    I think you know who I am, I always feel a little hesitant commenting on a blog unless I at least somewhat know the person. Long, long ago my family was at your house in VA, and I still remember curling up on your bed, I think way younger than you, and yet you fully offered yourself. šŸ™‚ Just found your blog not too long ago, sometimes I want to ask you many questions. šŸ™‚

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