Peace and Pieces

“Here I am, rushing around, but you’re so peaceful.”

“You give me peace and energy.”

Completely separate from each other, two friends told me these words in one day.

Later in the week, I had an English lesson with a new student for the first time. We were telling each other about ourselves, and I said that I am not a nun even though some people think I am when they see my veil. Further, I love the Bible and Jesus–that Jesus is my hero, and I try to live like He did. Except that when I hear myself say that, I cringe because it sounds so audacious.

Then my student volunteered an observation: “I like how you are happy when you talk about Jesus. I think it should be this way. Most people look angry and sad when they are in church. That’s why I don’t go anymore.”

It seems to me that those conversations and observations are connected. I am not by nature placid or serene. There are many things that deeply distress and anger and unsettle me. I don’t live in utopia; my life is wonderful but not perfect or without storms.

The peace my friends saw wasn’t something I concoct.  Which is a good thing because otherwise it would be limited to about as long as my cup of coffee lasts in the morning.  The best thing about  God’s peace is that it’s beyond, higher than, and superior to logic. It’s something I can’t put words to, can’t explain, can’t even quantify except to say that it’s bigger than anything around me–anything that would otherwise discombobulate me.

What my friends see as peace is actually like me being wrapped in a thick fuzzy blanket. I think it has something to do with Jesus being my hero. He keeps me from going to pieces.

4 thoughts on “Peace and Pieces

  1. You make me smile. And your friends are right. Your presence is peaceful as it is invigorating. I love the picture of Jesus’ presence as a fuzzy blanket, holding me together. 🙂

  2. thought I had unsubscribed to here…

    there are alot of so called”christinas” out there
    supermarket ”christians”’
    I know quiet a few of them that I have met over
    the past 12 years, where are the real christians/please
    stand up

  3. Wow! I haven’t been over here for a long time. This post just slides a blanket around my cold shoulders. In the past couple years as I fell apart and slowly had the pieces of my anxiety ridden heart glued together with Truth, God has been so Good. To my shock and distress, what I thought has been greatly healed has turned to simmering,sometimes raging anger and diappointment. Frankly, the anxiety was so much easier to live with, it imploded and I could hide it better from others. Anger on the other hand has this proclivity to spew and drench everyone in sight. Big sigh, as I take on the next layer and cast down false imaginations. But peace– I have been greatly humored by folks who see my ‘calmness’. Either it’s God’s peace or else they’re just plain faulty in their perceptions.

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