Yesterday we were sitting at beautiful wedding reception, eating hors’doeuvres.

My friend asked me a simple question: So do you miss Europe?

My eyes filled suddenly: Yes. Terribly.

“What do you miss about it?”

It’s odd, because I like how relaxed and friendly Americans are and I love how easy it is to talk with them, but I miss the elegance and dignity of Europeans. I miss dropped voices in public. I miss the refined manners and propriety and sense of fashion, all of which used to frustrate me to no end.

And it doesn’t make sense, because what I like is what I don’t like.


5 thoughts on “Kunfuzed

  1. What can i say? I’ve lived in colombia, SA, now, for a year and a little bit more. I’ve not been to the states since that day in august when we landed here in this country not knowing a soul and hardly knowing a word in a foreign language. And now to go back? For a visit, with my whole family(we number seven), and see what i left behind(my friends and my dreams that i had to lay down? When my heart is still here in colombia with all my dear friends and familiar street corners? And being an intense, sentimental person?
    I know a little about what your saying, anita, about the thing which you dislike is what you like… waiting on public transportation for way too long when you have mounds of work awaiting you? Yet i would hardly trade it in for my little car i left behind…
    blessings! I honestly can’t imagine what it would be like to return to live in the states after not living there for so long!

  2. Strengths are also weaknesses, and weaknesses are strengths… and they’re usually the things that get inside your heart to stay. Thinking of you. You said this so well.

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