A Benediction for Your Weekend

Because I believe that Christians should be people of benediction (bene: good + diction: speaking) here’s one for your weekend. I hope to be dropping benedictions here and there (blog, social media, cards) the next while.

May sweet, glad birdsong surprise you on your walks. May golden light highlight greens and whites, and if golden light isn’t happening today, may it fall on you sometime this week. May you eat enough fluffy carbs to make your soul happy, and enough protein to make your brain strong.

May your bones not break, and if they do, may you receive so much support and care that it makes you cry. May your grey hair stay well camouflaged, and if they spiral out in odd angles, may you remember all the goodness that brought you to this good age. May you take time for at least two naps.

May your heroes be people who love God supremely, love you like Jesus, and make you a better person. May the skin tones you see and the languages you hear give you a sneak peak of our eternal home and the wedding feast that will never end.


6 thoughts on “A Benediction for Your Weekend

  1. Very nice!
    I’d be glad to have gray hair, if I could take that option in place of losing more of the hair I still have, lol 🙂

  2. Indeed I did hear the bird songs on my walk this morning, though the sky was grey, and the chill wind blew snowflakes. The golden light must have been in the bravely blooming daffodils.
    I enjoyed your words. Thanks for posting.
    From one who’s grey hair is camouflaged, yet definitely present.

  3. Love this!
    May the skin tones we see, and the languages we hear, give us a sneak peek of our eternal home… Beautiful.

    And grey hair Does spiral out in odd directions;)
    I’m grateful that my husband encouraged me to have hormone testing. My hair has stopped falling out with the usage of bioidentical progesterone and some other supplements.
    May your grey hair remain thick and lustrous, and may your benedictions bless you as they bless others.

  4. Beautiful!! Thank you, Anita!

    As my hair is more white than grey by now, and I at times struggle with the “old face” in the mirror, your words brought a smile on my face.

    Blessings to you, Anita!

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