My Wondrous, Silent Gift


We were girlfriends waiting for a train. It was Christmas time in the city, night, but not dark. The evening had been magic, walking through snowy festive streets and exploring the Christmas market in Warsaw’s Old Town. We became like walking snowmen, coated with falling snow.

Rather than wait for the train in the underground station, we chose to wait above ground in the fresh air. We stood in a big, untracked space where people had obviously kept to the walkways and left the snow untouched. I discovered it made an easy ball, and instantly I knew what to do while we waited.

I handed my bag to my friend, tied my scarf so it wouldn’t get in my way, and started rolling a ball bigger and bigger. Packed it firmly, rolled it some more, and put more snow around it to stabilize it. In maybe ten minutes I had built a snowman just shorter than me. He was nicely proportioned, and his stance showed that he was happy.

But what do you use for a snowman’s face if there’s no gravel or coal or carrot around? You improvise. On the far side of a building I found a pine tree and broke off some little bits. The bare pieces made eyes and a nose, and a twig made a charming smile. With a little greenery, the snowman got some hair. Curved branches formed his arms reaching toward the sky.

I cannot put into words the satisfaction and delight I found in those quick ten minutes. It was almost like celebrating a sacrament or a revival. A bubbling, rollicking joy in making something out of nothing, delighting in the sparkle of the ball as it rolled and grew, giving the face a personality with its smile, and hoping that it would make strangers smile as they rushed to their train.

I bet the world would change if everyone made a snowman.

10 thoughts on “My Wondrous, Silent Gift

  1. Oh, but I like you and your blogs!!!!! Thank-you for sharing the simple joys of life with the rest of us. And a very merry Christmas to you!

  2. I bet the world would change if everyone made a snowman.

    Uh-huh! Some people make snowmen beautifully and their worlds are better because of them. Then there are others who you want to shove snow at and give them a tuturial on snowman-building.

    I love folks who love the simple life! That would be you 🙂

  3. This post made me grin. I especially liked you using greenery for snowman hair.:) Best of all is the inner exhuberance and childlikeness that comes from doing something like this. I’m sure Jesus smiled when He watched you build it.

  4. I just want photos! *whines*
    On second thought, I’m wondering how I could build a snowman here on this page, with the snowflakes you provide that come drifting over the page and make me smile. 🙂

  5. Thank you for sharing this moment of joy in building that snowman! I like to do ramdon acts of fun stuff too, and this is a good reminder to do things that will bless others, even if just by bringing a smile to their face! I think too God must have been smiling! This was a challenge to me to keep on keeping on!!

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