Are gifts for seasons?

The message Sunday was on I Cor. 12, one of my pet subjects:spiritual gifts for the benefit of the body.  The sermon also covered another of my pet theories: how our strengths become our weaknesses.

Anyhow, I seem to have had the gift of words/writing, but I can’t write anymore. Emails, cards, and letters, yes, but nothing formal or inspirational. The muses haven’t visited me for ever so long, and I wonder why. Maybe the gift was for a season. What is next? I don’t know.

I hugely admire “A Slice of Infinity” from Ravi Zacharias’s ministry (the link is at the right). They, especially Jill Caratinni, have an incredible, gifted, intelligent way with words and deep concepts. But these days, I can’t even read them; the amazing words and concepts don’t even register. Maybe it’s because of being on prescription drugs and the resulting fuzzy brain.  But it makes it feel more impossible than ever that I will be able to communicate in high-brow ways. But that’s ok. Gifts are for the body’s benefit. Maybe the body will benefit best if I read/write simple stuff. So I’m off to email now!