In which she gains permission to be wordy

Sometimes I wonder if I’m one of those women Paul talked about when he wrote about those who are ever learning and never able to come to the truth. Really, I do know Truth, but I love learning and being a student. I love having time and permission to read and research and memorize stuff and then be able to ace the test and do something with the knowledge. I’ve been drilling myself on skin and skeletal systems, and this eve. at the test, I knew more than I needed to, but that’s ok because I’ve been making disgraceful grades up to now. Who knows, maybe knowing the 8 carpal names will come in handy sometime afterall.
It was funny this eve when I asked my teacher to critique my first case study report. She said it was too brief and I need to pad it with more words. “You need to put in more details, and you can be repetitive, and waffle around like I do.” I wanted to laugh. Sure, I can add more words, no problem. I’m the student who held her book in her hands for the first time today. Adding words is never a problem. It’s the paring down that is the job, which has by now become 2nd nature for me, but the case studies are going to be a breeeeeeze!! (The book has approx. 56,493 words in case you wanted to know.)
Mom asked how it feels to have my name on a book. I said I think it’s someone else’s name. It’s a Very Odd sensation, paging through it and having it look so familiar.
Last week my friend said she’ll pray that God will wrap me up in a big huge fluffy soft blanket and feed me cups of nourishing spiritual broth. I said I need armor instead of a blanket, and she said the armor will be soft and fluffy inside, but protective and hard outside to keep away satan’s arrows. God answered her prayer copiously. I was carried and covered with a loving power that gave peace in the storm. Spiritual battles are the price to pay for being in the King’s service, but that’s ok. There are higher prices to pay for doing otherwise.

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