I am loved

I was heading out the shopping centre car park and stopped to let Eamon and Nora cross in front of me. They are good friends of ours, and important, appreciated members of the community–he is a police, and she a nurse at the hospital. He didn’t walk across but came to my window and informed me that a back tyre was soft. He said it’s ok enough to drive to the nearest petrol station. I thanked him (I rarely check my tyres because dad always does, but he’d been gone) and drove gingerly to the station–but their air hose was broken.

Thankfully, I had grabbed a mobile phone before leaving (I’m still holding out on buying one for myself; I don’t want to bother with it) and called dad who I’d just seen in the same shopping centre I’d left. Told him my perdicament, and he said to come back to his vehicle. So I drove carefully and prayerfully again, took his van, and left my flat tyred car with him and found a parking space at the dentist–all  of this15 min. before the appt.

Even though I feel alone sometimes, I loved this reminder that I do travel with/live with angels. I am protected and looked-out-for and loved, not just by people but by the Living God, and for this I am stupendously grateful.

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