In search of the perfect word

A long time ago, I read an article in Readers’ Digest written by a novelist. In it, he shared his frustration when writing sticky notes for his children–short little notes about Being Back Soon, but he’d cross out words and crumple up papers, all in search for the perfect blend of 3 words that he wanted to scribble on a note.

I remember being amused by the article. But  now I can identify. I cannot say how often I do the same. I ‘m not a novelist, but with one non-fiction book behind me, it’s second nature now to weigh every word after I write it, and make sure it says what I intended. And as good writing means lots of re-writing, I crumple up lots of sticky notes too.

I suspect that’s why I post here so infrequently. It seems to me that it should be intelliegent, good, blends of words that show up here…and I’m too hard on myself, and don’t want to write unless it’s Really Good. Well, maybe I’ll eventually get over it. There’s more to life than perfection. But what does excellence mean??

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