My Latest Read

I bought it in a sort of deal: To Own a Dragon, by Donald Miller.

In a conversation about authors in the study room, I said I liked Don Miller alot, but didn’t think I needed to read a book for men.  Gideon said he’s going to buy my book, so I should read Don’s book. Fair enough. And I’ve so enjoyed it.

Which goes to show that sometimes it’s good to break out of your box and read something that’s not specifically for you.  For example, I recommend that singles read Love and Respect even if it’s written for married people and even if the author repeats his premise a million times.

Don Miller has an amazing way with words. He portrays deep concepts in a simple, conversational manner that takes you in and keeps you with him. Maybe it’s fluffy for some people, but I like it alot. And I’m awfully jealous that my parents got to meet him in TX last week at a book convention.

I think if we can learn to write in ways that let people hear our passion without letting it blow them away, that is what will invite them to Truth. I think that’s what was so compelling about Jesus when people heard Him speak.

By the Lion’s mane…

2 thoughts on “My Latest Read

  1. Anita, You sound like you are just blossoming in this world. Lord willing, we will see each outher again soon. Your blogs are greatly inspiring.

    Where can I get this book, “Love and Respect”?

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