New Release!

The Hope Singers

“Alone I Will Not Wander”

Lloyd Kauffman, director

Now you can purchase a high-quality recording of The Hope Singers. Although these are recordings of a choir which sang and recorded in Poland, most of the songs on these a cappella recordings are sung in English.


1. The new release “Alone I Will Not Wander” (from the 2008 Poland tour)  It was recorded in September of 2008 in Poland by The Hope Singers, a 29-member choir with members from the U.S., Canada, Poland, Romania, and Ireland.

Lloyd Kauffman directed the choir, as well as arranged many of the songs. This recording is an expression of worship, faith, and life in Christ. It includes these 19 songs:

1. Holy God, We Praise Thy Name

2. Se Zhenih griadet (Behold, the Bridegroom Comes—Gretchaninoff) 3. Praise Thou The Lord

4. Sing, Ye Righteous

5. Alleluia

6. Kiedy ranne wstają zorze (With the Morn in Radiance Breaking)

7. Flee As A Bird

8. The Lord’s My Shepherd

9. Boże mój (My God)

10. Take Thou My Hand, O Father

11. The World Needs A Song

12. For God So Loved Us—medley

13. Amazing Grace

14. Cudna nowina zwiastował (Wonderful News)

15. Heart with Loving Heart United

16. O Happy Day

17. Keep Your Lamps!

18. Lord, I Want To Be A Christian

19. Grace Be Unto You

Prices: “Alone I Will Not Wander” (2008) CD $14 + shipping

“Jesus” (2006) CD: $11 + shipping

“Hold Out Your Light” (2004) CD: $11 + shipping / cassette: $5 + shipping

To order recordings, contact: The Family Bookshop 4041 St. Rt. 26E MONTEZUMA GA 31063 Phone: 478-472-5166


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