Just back from being gone a week, travelling to France and back by ferry, and attending a conference on the Kingdom of God.

The speaker was David Bercot and the hosting community was close to Brittany, but I forget the name of the village, not being able to pronounce it anyhow.

I learned probably about 2 French words, and loved the old-fashioned houses and flowers, and delighted in the fantabulous fresh crescents from the village bakery. Two mornings, Jenny and I sneaked out of the house, drove to the village, bought crescents, and ate them while sitting on a bench in front of the old church. I was charmed. Life doesn’t get much better than that.

There was lots of time for fellowship, getting acquainted with new friends from France, England, and Holland, discussing with old friends I was travelling with, exploring new places, finding more coffee and crescents.

France is a world all its own. I understand more than before why its people are so proud of their language and identity. It is a proud, ancient place, deserving of respect and delight. I didn’t fall in love with it, but I liked it very much.  Especially the galletes and cheese, and St. Malo, the walled city by the sea. Absolutely delightful!

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