The Housewarming

I moved into a lovely big bright house with my friend over a month now, and the church wanted to have a house-warming for us, to bless us. We knew that there was talk about having the annual church barbecue soon, so we said we’ll host the barbecue, and it can be the house-warming. Tonight was the night and it was a lovely time.

We had loads of food, and the sun was bright, and as it set and the air turned cooler, people collected jackets and blankets or meandered inside.

There were over 50 people, and everyone seemingly had a good, happy time. I did, anyhow. It’s a pleasure to have space/place to share with people. This house is a huge gift from God, and I don’t want to horde it. It is scary, though, how old-maidish I can be when there are little people in this adult house where there is nothing child-proof…!

There were 6 visting Germans, and they sang some songs for us, then we sang “Gott Ist De Liebe” together. I felt so rich, surrounded with my church family, outside under the sky. God loves me incredibly well.

3 thoughts on “The Housewarming

  1. I’m smiling…Sounds like an enjoyable evening. I’m with you on the non-child-proof house! 🙂

    P.S. Can I correct a word usage on this page? …’Hoard’…

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