My Favourite Devotional

I don’t know why, but I haven’t found a devotional book I really like. There are thousands out there, and my sisters and I frequently come up with new titles, like Devotions while you pet your Cat, and Comforting thoughts for Coffee Drinkers. I think it was Donald Miller in one of his forwards who sparked off our creativity in this.

The one I once used the most and that still sits on my shelf but I haven’t used it in years is Joni Erikson Tada’s Secret Strength. She is solid and sensible, not as fluffy as some.

But what I use all the time, and have used for years, and don’t get tired of is what my sister gave me for payment for sewing a dress for her: Daily Light. It’s what Elizabeth Elliot’s family used, and what Amy Carmichael used before them. Every day has a morning and evening section but I read it all at one time because it’s so short.

It’s comprised only of Bible verses, collected into a specific theme for that day. I LOVE it. It feeds me every single day. Repeatedly, it speaks to the need of the hour, and I have 1998 or 2002 “Sam’s home-going” or some other significant event in the margins, and when I come back to that day the next year, I remember God’s faithfulness and how He met me there.

Which is much more substantial than pink, fluffy words that fill pages but don’t give any sustenance.

4 thoughts on “My Favourite Devotional

  1. I used to use ‘Secret Strength’ as well and this makes me want to pull it off the shelf and remember what blessed me so much about it back when. I also used to like ‘My Utmost for His Highest’ and again I don’t remember why so much except that I felt like it grew me.
    Now I am going through Names of God and looking up references that relate to that name and am amazed how that meets my current daily need.

  2. Hello! Thanks for this recommendation. I’ve been going through a “dry” period in my bible reading so I’m going to get hold of 2nd hand copy of Daily Light on amazon and give it a go šŸ™‚

  3. Dear Anita,
    Mike and I also read “Daily Light”. I highly recommend it, also. It has been more of an encouragement to me in the past three years than any other devotion book that we read, and we have four of them: Streams in the Desert, Springs in the Valley, My Utmost for His Highest, and Devotions for a Deeper Life. We read two in the morning and the other two at night. The older ones are the best. For the most part, they are good, but the “Daily Light” is read both times and much more fulfilling, since it is the Word of God. I thought it very interesting that Amy Carmichael used it, also. She is a favorite of mine. Thanks for the recommendation. God’s blessings!

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