My Exciting Days

Last night some of us went to hear Chanticleer at the Wexford Opera House. They gave their “Wondrous Free” program, and while they sang the first song, “Guide Me O Thou Great Jehovah” I marvelled at how their voices blended in the unison of the Appalachian melody. The recorded sound never has the life and depth and breadth of the live performance. I loved “Shenendoah” and “Hard Times.”  It was an amazing, delightful evening. My ideal job would be to sing for a living like they do. Meanwhile, I sing while I work.

Then today another load of us went to Cork to see and tour Logos Hope, the ship that goes around the world with books and workers to partner with local churches. We spent a long time in the book room, finding treasures.

This is what I came home with:Radical Womanhood, McCauley; Longing for More, Barton; Cross-Cultural Connections, Elmer; The Soul Tells a Story, Wright; The NLT One Year Bible, and a world map from Logos because every house needs a world map.

We toured the big ship and asked questions and were awed with the huge operation. Nearly 400 staff live on the ship, some for years, and some short term, and they come from 40 countries. A family left today, going back to England after having lived on the ship for 10 years. No wonder they cried.

The staff need to raise their own support and can’t jet home whenever a cousin or sister gets married back home. Some haven’t seen their family for several years. It was exciting to see God’s people willing to pay to be in ministry like this, being useful wherever they’re needed.

I’m rich to have experienced these exciting events in 2 days!

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