This evening

Tomorrow  morning, I plan to take an early bus to Dublin for an appointment, spend several hours in the city, then fly to London in the evening to see a friend who lives in Reading.

This evening I stopped at my parents’ house for something. As always, there was something around to eat. And did I have a Dublin map? No, but sure, it would be nice. Did I have a phone? No, but sure, it would be nice just in case.

So I hugged them good bye and left with my hands full, just like last night when I left there after mom gave me some of her glorious fragrant roses to take home.

Years ago, a little neighbor girl asked mom if I’m her girl because I’m not a little girl anymore. Mom said “She’ll always be my child; she’ll never be my adult, so yes, she’s my girl.” I’m loving having a place of my own, to be an adult in. I feel particularly rich because now I have two homes–my own and my parents’.  And I can be both child and adult and be ok.

3 thoughts on “This evening

  1. Ohhh … this prompts all sorts of questions. What’s there to do in Dublin? How long does a bus ride take to get there? How much did a flight from there to London cost? But I guess I’ll find out the answers soon enough. Have a great trip!

  2. Love it. Sounds like me and my parents. How come when we finally get on our own, we turn back gratefully to receive the benefits of where we’ve left?! 🙂

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