Jetlag, MRI, and a book

It was a flying trip to the US, and I was going to take it in stride, but it has made me tired-er than I expected. But it was worth it. It was a significant trip in several ways. The focal point of the week was Oasis Ladies’ retreat at SMBI. A lovely, refreshing, inspiring one-and-a-half day. Other high points throughout the week were being with old and new friends and my aunts, singing with friends, brainstorming writing and art projects, hearing each others’ dreams.

It was also an amazing trip because I didn’t go to WalMart even once!! Thus, I have proved it is possible to live, yes, even to visit America, without shopping there.

Today I finished a lovely book: The Soloist, by Steve Lopez. A true story, gripping and beautifully and sensitively written. I was sorry it ended. I’m going to add it to my list on the book page. It makes me want to write a good story…

Also today I went to Dublin for my (last) MRI to assess the success of last October’s embolization. The dr. showed me the pictures then dismissed me, saying things are good, and don’t need further treatment until there are more symptoms–which I hope never happens. I thank God for Dr. Brophy and his amazing skills.

Then I trotted over to Trinity College and met Jenn whom I’d never met before, but who has just moved to Dublin with her husband. We found a cute little tea room and drank tea and ate cake and chatted easily and felt better for it.

2 thoughts on “Jetlag, MRI, and a book

  1. Love the banner photo, am happy about your good news and was delighted to meet you at Oasis. Also glad you met my friend Jenn, she is lovely.

  2. And I enjoyed having you around too! Hope you begin to get your strength back and feel more like yourself. What good news from your Dr.; thank You, God! 🙂

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