Reading Recommendation

For years, I have enjoyed “A Slice of Infinity” and Jill Carattini is my favorite contributing author there. The almost-daily writings always give me something to ponder, and I wonder again at the power of well-placed words.

The last few weeks, however, it seems to me that the writing styles and subject matters and authors are more skilled, more intelligent, more relevant than ever. Maybe it’s just me and my needs of the moment. At any rate, see what you think. Click the link at the right of this page for Slice of Infinity, and see what you think, and sign up for those emails. There’s a chance you’ll be bored. But you might also become inspired and changed, which is my pursuit.

4 thoughts on “Reading Recommendation

  1. Interesting. A long time ago I clicked on your link for “A Slice of Infinity” and ended up subscribing for the daily slice. It’s definitely great quality stuff, and I often think of you when I receive the new articles! 🙂
    The posts during Lent and Easter especially spoke to me- they were words that hit the mark.

  2. Amazing! A very long time ago I had subscribed to the Slice after you had mentioned it somewhere. I’ve switched email addresses since then, and have missed several years. And JUST TODAY I was thinking about those devotionals and trying to remember what they were called, and now here’s the answer! I’m looking forward to being inspired by them again.

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