Strategies at the Job

This is the end of a marathon 3 weeks when 2 and sometimes 3 regular workers were gone from the store and bakery. I knew it was going to be a Big Job and tried to plan accordingly. I found a good book to read in spare minutes, which helped time go fast. And I asked God for nice customers.

In the 12 years of being at this store, I have never had a 3 wk stint when the customers were so super nice. The weather always makes a difference in making people happy and pleasant, but I know these good customers came because God answered my desperate prayer. The children were jolly and happy. The grown ups were polite and appreciative and smiley. They chatted and told stories and took time to let others go first. They were delightful and funny and happy. They made me laugh more than ever before.

Something I love about Irish people in general is that they are great story tellers, and can always chat about something. This used to annoy me, but no longer. I am fascinated and amazed at how they can talk and talk, and maybe it’s not about something profound or substantial, but they’re communicating more than we who are silent.

I would like to learn how they do it. What kind of thought processes it takes to be able to effortlessly talk forever about nothing in particular. Guess I’ll keep watching and listening.

2 thoughts on “Strategies at the Job

  1. “I would like to learn how they do it…”
    I thought it was surely from kissing the Blarney stone. I’m planning on kissing itsometime myself just in case it works. 🙂

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