From the Emerald Isle

If you wandered over here via Dorcas’ blog, welcome!

About my blog: there’s little rhyme or reason as to when and what I post. Most of it is ramblings and musings about life, wonder, and God. Subscribe to email posts using the button on the right, or use your feed reader of choice. (Being a bit of a blog junkie, I LOVE Google Reader!) Nose around my recommended book list and pieces of advice to wannabe writers, and leave a comment if you agree or even if you don’t.

About my book: Unfortunately, due to some mistakes, it is out of print but not forever. Stay tuned here for news of the next printing. I wrote the book with a target audience of single women ages 20-30 because that was the scope of my experience and I didn’t think I could speak into anyone else’s experience outside of that. It has been most surprising and delightful to hear from many people outside that narrow scope. I love how God dreams bigger than I do.

I dream of a living a life filled with words and people, where no one needs money, and windows never get dirty. But I live in the real world (albeit a wonderful world on this clear bright moon lit night), and so now I’m off to wash dishes.

2 thoughts on “From the Emerald Isle

  1. Awe, I like the snowflakes, too! Having read the comment I was getting ready to tell you I don’t see any. After I had the subscription business done I made my way back here to tell you I can’t see the snowflakes and just like that they appeared! We had a lovely snow Saturday.

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