Just…One Star

No easily-accessible internet service for the last week has attributed to the silence here. But now I want to share one of my favourite readings of the season. Thanks to aunts and uncles with good music taste, I grew up listening to “Christmas in Velvet.” I still love the swoopy, vibrant arrangments. Every time I hear “What A Merry Christmas Party!” I want to grin like a child. This is the very effective reading they include with “The First Noel.” It takes great poetic license, and I love it.

Back in the throne room of heaven plans were being made to announce the birth of God’s son. Michael the archangel had just finished describing his display of heavenly comets and falling stars. Gabriel went on with his musical plans, a great angelic choir of tens of thousands of voices tuned with heaven’s finest and latest harmonies, ready to serenade the earth.

God interrupted the conversation. “No,” He said, “That’s not really what I had in mind. I planned a small gathering in Bethlehem, actually. We don’t need all the trimmings.”

“But, oh, my stars!” said Michael. “What will I do with them?”

“And my music?” Gabriel added.

Just then, Jesus stepped through the pearly gates and out onto the red carpet of Time. He started down the stairway of stars.

Michael pled, “Father, let us do something! He can’t go unannounced!”

“Well, alright,” God said. “Gabriel: a few angels. Michael: just…one star.”

–source unknown, narrated in “Christmas in Velvet” by Derrik Johnson and The Regeneration

5 thoughts on “Just…One Star

  1. I saw the title of your post in iGoogle, and this narration was the first thing that came to mind. It’s been years since I first heard Christmas in Velvet, but I still listen them every single year.
    Won’t it be lovely when we get to that throne room?

  2. Christmas in Velvet is one of my favorite Christmas albums, too. (And I giggle every time I listen to “What a Merry Christmas Party”!)

  3. Wow! I had not thought of this recording for years but I listened to it so often as a child that I had it all memorized! My brothers and I could do the whole “Merry Christmas Party”! Now I want to go see if I can find it at my parent’s house somewhere!

  4. Anita, I just discovered your site and had to comment on this post. No Christmas is complete without listening to the Regeneration Group! I hope I never forget the wonder I felt when I first listened to them sing.

  5. Just…one star! Wow! God delights in doing things right, but sometimes, oh, so simply and beautifully… I like this narration!

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