Growing Things

During the summer, there was a for-real mushroom growing on a carpet in my house. I was trying to discover the source of the damp smell, and to my horror, found a button mushroom by the leaking radiator. The landlord called a plumber who fixed the leak, and I got a dehumidifier the same week, so now there is no more fungus. Anyhow, it’s too cold for anything to grow.

Except now book stacks are growing like stalagmites on a cave floor. Beside the bed, on the bed, beside the chair, on the desk. Books of writing, women, stories, character studies. I have tickets to fly to the US on Feb. 11 for my 2nd stint of teaching at Calvary Bible School. Yay, yay!

I plan to teach for 6 wks. ‘Godly Womanhood’ class accounts for the women’s studies and character studies and counselling books. And I will be assistant teacher for Christian Writing class, which is why I’m reading Zinsser and Card at the moment. How to inspire writing that is excellent in creativity and Truth? This is my quest.

The stalagmites grow slowly and steadily upwards.

4 thoughts on “Growing Things

  1. πŸ™‚ The mushroom in your house makes me laugh. I’ve heard of it before but it still seems funny to me.
    And the rest all sounds so happy! I think you’d be a superb teacher for those classes. And may God bless those stalagmites to be inspiring for you. πŸ™‚

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