My Friend’s New Books

Michelle and I have done alot of things together, gone on many adventures and dreamed many dreams. But I love how God dreams bigger than we do. We never dreamed we’d both be authors, both have book-birthing stories to compare. Guess I should have known it, knowing how little silence there is when we’re together, and how much we like words.

Finally, this week I got to see her new books: We Build a House and My Brother’s Keeper.

They are both for children, aimed at helping them to adjust to changes in life. We Build a House is Michelle’s own story of building their house, told and seen through her young Adam’s eyes.

My Brother’s Keeper is about a family’s journey of living with a handicapped child. It, too, is written in the voice of the brother. It made me cry, which is another reason why it’s a good book.

I’m proud of Michelle’s vision and skill and creativity evident in these books. I’m proud to show people the books and say “My friend did that!”

Order your copies for yourself and for beautiful gifts from

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