Heavy Books

Last Wed. I was at the Delta counter in Pittsburg airport, frantically rearranging the contents of my luggage so that they’d weigh less than 50 lbs. each. “Too many books,” my friend said. Too true.

When I returned to the agent who had first taken my bags, he waved me to the next agent and said to her: “Take this lady next. She had a weight problem.”

I couldn’t believe that an agent would say that, and I blushed even though I knew he was talking about my books and not me.

I as settle into normal life after living in the rarefied air of Bible school, I’m re-inspired to read. Lots of books. Ones I’ve read before, so as to become reacquainted with old friends. And others that are new, so as to gain new friends. I will not become overwhelmed with so many books and so little time as I always complained before, but instead, I plan to enjoy and savor and gain from every tidbit that I get.

Come to think of that, maybe it WILL become a weight problem.

2 thoughts on “Heavy Books

  1. On Tuesday when we flew from Paris to Dublin we were informed that our carry-on bags are too heavy. We removed a few items and put them into our shoulder bags to appease the agent. But the weight was still there, and would be on the plane. Why distribute it?! We did put the items back into our carry-on bags when we got to our gate… 🙂
    I’m really looking forward to Thursday. Maybe I can check out your book list, too?

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