Airy-Fairy or Practical?

“Our people tend to be practical, and don’t have time for dreamers and airy-fairy people. We are terribly practical,” I said.

“No, we’re not,” someone else said. “If we weren’t airy-fairy, we wouldn’t be out here drinking frappes while there’s work to be done inside.”

“We’d be washing the dishes.”

“And filling the canning jars.”

“You’re right–and washing up the floor for SURE before we even THINK about going outside,” I added.

We were four sisters and mom, sitting in the sun-infused grass. They had called me at my house, and knowing the psychological moves to make, said “We’re having mocha frappes outside–but you don’t have to come!”

So of course I came, and drank and sat with them, and laughed and laughed while mom read “The Diet to End all Diets” to us.

I think it’s easier to be practical after being fanciful and airy-fairy first.

3 thoughts on “Airy-Fairy or Practical?

  1. I love this post. I was going to write that even before I saw what Tabitha wrote. 🙂 It was easier to be practical after drinking our strawberry milkshakes last night too!

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