I Love Words

In the first meeting with each of my intermediate-and-higher classes, I ask each student to make a list of their favourite English words and bring it back at our next class. I tell them that this is probably the only homework I’ll ever give them. That makes them smile. Hopefully, it helps them like me too.

After they give me their lists, I go to Wordle and create a word cloud that suits the gist of the words and the person they come from. It’s way too fun! The collection on our classroom wall is growing, and I like to see students perusing the random, colorful words. My list is up there too, giving opportunity to enlarge their vocabulary when they ask what “fuchsia” means, and “dazzle” and “magnanimous.”

Finding myself in a new country, surrounded by a new language, I find myself emptier of words than is normal for me. Even my journal entries are tending to be bumpier, more fragmented than before. Not to mention that my blogging has nearly stopped. But this silence, this taking-in and observing, is good. It’s a kind of rest, and words are still alive to me. Even if I can’t string them together so well right now. I am empowering others by handing them basic English words and concepts, one word at time, and that’s ok for now.

I don’t know if I’ll ever understand the significance of Christ being the Word of God. There is something mysteriously powerful about a word, even if they say a picture is worth a thousand words. A person’s words reveals their heart, their character, their dreams and passions. That’s why I like to collect my student’s favourite words. It’s why I like the stories in the Gospels, and hear the words Jesus used for the people in His world.

Words are impractical and practical, beautiful and useful. I love words.

3 thoughts on “I Love Words

  1. …I love the thought of the Word of God. -I’ve never heard anyone else say that, and it feels …like I am hearing my thougths (some of them) from a source outside myself, which gives me a strange feeling!!!
    …I haven’t put words either to the mysterious signifigance of the Word of God ….I think it was back in the day when I was really grappling with who God was, and if I could trust Him, (and trying to face personal issues in connection with that) that God as a Word felt less threatening, safer, comfortable and familiar; -like the feel of a pen in your fingers that writes with a smooth flow of ink….
    I am glad to have found your site. I’ve graduated from dial up to high speed, which significantly improves my ability to log on to these.
    Take care….

  2. I love your blog, Anita. A friend recently told me about it. I journal for the sheer pleasure of seeing words tumble out on paper and dance across my page. Words are to a poet and author what paint is to an artist. Blessngs as you keep on wrting! I’m waitin for the next book. šŸ™‚

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