Poetry at Midnight

In stolen minutes between studying Polish and teaching English, I read. Today I finished Calvin Miller’s Life is Mostly Edges. I enjoyed the book immensely, especially the last two-thirds. I was especially fascinated with how he came to write The Singer and that it was written mostly at midnight when the words came to him in the dark.

It reminded me of what Gene Edwards wrote in his A Tale of Three Kings (possibly the most eloquent, concise book I’ve read about authority and interpersonal relationships.) In it, he also relates how songs come in the night. He said that when David was being hunted by Saul, David spoke less and sang more.

In the book I finished today, Miller quoted a blind friend who discovered that in his blindness, he came to love God more than the things of God. Out of deep love, songs come. A review of The Song Trilogy said “Miller himself is the Troubadour singing a love song to his Lord.”

It’s making me wonder: how can God’s people hear the inner music? How can all our work be praise?

None of the great saints of the church made his or her mark by trying harder, only by loving more completely. –C. Miller

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