Green Dolphin Street

After I finished reading the epic Lord of the Rings I didn’t know what to read because anything else felt like an anti-climax. An insightful friend recommended I re-read Green Dolphin Street. I had read it before and had been profoundly moved by it. Coming back to it now, it’s great fun to revisit the scenes and dialogues that held my attention back then.

Elizabeth Goudge does a superb job of portraying colorful, believable characters. These people live in a plot that shows their adventure and imagination, creativity and skill. Now and then she moralizes, but it’s more like she’s giving away her own worldview and insights for her readers to take or leave. There are sentences and paragraphs that take my breath away with their punch and color. She describes people’s personalities incredibly well. Oh yes–and there’s a hero not unlike Aragorn.

So there’s today’s book recommendation!

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