Bright Flakes

In one day, two friends gave me bright pieces of sunshine with their words. Like snowflakes catch the light and shimmer and shine, these words, unrelated and seemingly random, reflected light and glory to me:

The best moment of your life is right now!

God has once again baffled me by His exuberance and lack of moderation.

5 thoughts on “Bright Flakes

  1. These definitely add sparkle to my day! šŸ™‚ Oh, and I think your snowman philosophy is catching on… I looked out the window at work as the sun rose, and it shone on a snowman in the yard. His head was squarish and sported a handsome set of twig antlers. He made me smile. And I thought of your snowman and how many people he must have warmed… and smiled some more.

  2. Good ones! I’d like to add one I heard from a prison chaplain’s wife last week: “God doesn’t waste anything you give to Him.” Hadn’t ever thought of it like that before I heard her say it.



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