What’s Right

My cyber-space friend, Elisabeth, whom I’ve never met but have corresponded with now and then, posted here in her blog yesterday. It was a heads-up about an article she’d written for Boundless, Focus on the Family’s resource for singles.

Both her blog post and article are well-thought-out and life-giving to both women and men. Women can get into a habit of bashing and belittling men, so it’s refreshing and heartening to hear a shout-out for strong, Godly men who, as Elisabeth says:
~affirm a woman’s worth,
~display God’s faithfulness and unselfishness, and
~lead by example, and expand rather than suppress who we are.

The article made me realize how rich I am with the strong, Godly men in my life. With very few exceptions, the men in my world have made me a better person, humored, encouraged and looked after me. I am newly thankful.

2 thoughts on “What’s Right

  1. Thanks for sharing that with us, Anita. I am blessed to know men who show me the heart of our Father, and rejoicing in that is good for my soul. I wouldn’t be half the woman that I am without some very wonderful men in my life.

  2. I am also blessed to know some REAL men in my world… men who reflect the strength and the tenderness and the courage of godly manhood.
    Cheers for every man “of steel and velvet” out there!!!

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