Jezus Kocha Mnie

Last night at Bible study I chose the song ‘Jesus Loves Me’. Sung in Polish, it still means the same as the words I grew up with.

‘Ah!’ my friend said beside me. ‘Why you want to sing this–because you feel like a child today?’

‘No. Because I like to sing it,’ I said. I carried an adult-sized load yesterday, not a child’s.

But Jesus said we are to be like children to be part of His kingdom. I like that about Him, because it means He will take me in my simplicity and helplessness. I think part of my soul would die if I’d feel too grown-up to sing ‘Jesus Loves Me.’

3 thoughts on “Jezus Kocha Mnie

  1. That song has beautiful harmony and a lovely, universal message.

    Years ago, I asked my upper grade students to sing that song in a program, in English, Spanish, and German (as I recall), in spite of a bit of complaining from the students. But a big sister of one of the students told me her brother was surprised at how pretty the song is. — Linda Rose

  2. As a child I liked “Jesus Loves Me” though I think I picked up that my older siblings didn’t really. Then there was an in between stage of my life that I didn’t like it either. Now I like to think that when we are truly mature we like it again. =) Grown up enough to know we need love, perhaps?

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