An Obligation to Re-creation

Another tidbit from Jean Vanier’s Community and Growth, from the ‘Nourishment’ chapter:

The more intense and difficult community life becomes, and the more tension and struggles it produces, then the more we need times of relaxation. When we feel strung up, tense and incapable of praying or listening, then we should take some rest–or even get away for a few days.

Some people don’t know what to do with free time. They spend hours just sitting around and talking. It’s sad if people have no interest outside the community, if they’ve given up reading, if they don’t enjoy simple pleasures like walking and listening to music. We have to help each other keep alive the personal interests which helps us relax and re-create us.

It was good to think about the things that re-create me. Here are some: walking on a quiet road. A letter. Writing my journal. Singing. Silence. A well-crafted paragraph. Laughing til I cry. Crying til I smile. Travelling by train.

What re-creates you? You should do it today.

2 thoughts on “An Obligation to Re-creation

  1. Singing in choir practice on Sunday was re-creating for me. I haven’t done that since before Bronwyn was born, at least not very often. It was so, so good.

  2. I love the quote! Especially the bit about helping each other keep alive.

    Today my favorite moment of re-creating was sitting on my porch swing to watch and smell the rain… a pocket of quiet and magic in the middle of happy busy-ness. So renewing.

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